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do you ever just get a vibe that someone has a crush on you and then you’re not sure if they actually do or if you’re just really really self-absorbed

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Why is it so hard for us to forgive ourselves?
Why must we beat ourselves up over the past?
Why is it so hard to let go and move on?
I want to forget.
I want to forgive myself.
But I can’t.
Nothing is ever going to be the same and it’s all my fault.
You’re never going to love me like you did.
Who knows if you’re even going to get back to the point of wanting to marry me again.
I’m such a fool and I’m so sorry.
I miss you and I wish things were better between us.
I love you I can’t lose you.

Dear future husband/fiancé,
If when the first time you see me in my wedding dress on our wedding day you don’t look at me with utmost joy and surprise, I will turn around and walk back out because I deserve someone who will be absolutely overjoyed to marry me. If you don’t cry joyful tears on our wedding day, I will honestly reconsider marrying you because I deserve someone who loves me to the point of tears. Because that’s how I will react when I marry the love of my life, and if I don’t get that in return, that will mean you don’t love me like I do you and it will mean you are not the one for me. I deserve a hot, intense, passionate love that can break down walls. I want a love like Noah and Allie. Like Marshall and Lilly. Like Corey and Topanga. Like my mom and dad. A love where we would do anything for each other and fight for each other until the end of time. And if that’s too much to ask, then I deserve better. I know what I need. And an average, 50/50 love is not it. 100% and 100% all the time. There is no halfway when it comes to love. It’s an all or nothing kind of thing.